1. Two Hearts

From the recording The Road Less Taken

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Written April 18, 2020 ©
For Walter and Alana, two of the most talented, kind and wonderful people I know


When two lives turn into one nourished by the rising sun. So, it’s written in the stars above. You can’t survive without someone who makes you feel you’re not alone. So, it’s spoken the story of love
(Chorus) Two hearts beat as one, forever joined by a love. And a promise of life to come. Two hearts so in love, forever bound by the sky above and a vow that cannot be undone.
Two families become one bringing closer everyone. And life is better for this day. In front of friends and family a pledge is made that was meant to be. And love is declared today. -Chorus-
On this day is given to you what we know as a simple truth. That love was always meant for you. Share the joy that each day brings, the good, the bad, the everything. Cause love will help you make it through. -Chorus- Two Hearts.