1. Until Tomorrow

From the recording The Road Less Taken

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Written March 21, 2020 ©
This is one of a number of songs I wrote to try to bring a little hope during a very dark time in our history.


It’s been some kind of crazy. Things don’t seem right lately. It feels like it’s all coming apart. I don’t know ‘bout maybe. Life seems awful shaky. Got to find a way to heal my heart.
(Chorus) Maybe Tomorrow. The sun will shine. Maybe tomorrow we’ll all be fine. Maybe tomorrow we’ll be all right. Until tomorrow gonna hold you tight.
Feels like we’re going under, make’s you stop and wonder. How the hell did we all wind up here? All the misplaced anger living with daily rancor. I think we need to wash away the fear. -Chorus-
And if we can’t find our way back to some better place. We will all share the blame and have to live with our shame.
I see too many faces slipping in dark places. Scrambling to get off this slipper slope. Searching for some answers. A cure for this cancer. Clinging to some vague feeling of hope. -Chorus Twice-