From the recording The Road Less Taken

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Written May 24, 2020 ©
Ahmaud Arbery was an athlete and avid hip-hop fan. He was only 25 years old when he was murdered by three white men. We continue to live in the shadow of racism and its terrible effects on our nation. I hope you won’t forget him.


If you see me come a’runnin’ do you think you know me well? Do you think you know my dreams or the stories I might tell? If you took a look at me, would you know what you should see? You might be wrong. Cause I might be running nowhere or just running to pass the time. I might be running from something or running for the finish line. If you look into my eyes, would you ever be surprised? You might be wrong. You might be wrong.
If I came into your neighborhood, would I feel at home? Would you welcome me for coffee or invite me on your lawn? Would you share a little story about your days of glory? Or am I’m wrong? Would you have a bit of worry and start to walk away? Though you might not want to say it, are you just a bit afraid? Is there something deep inside that puts blinders in your eyes? Or am I’m wrong? Or am I’m wrong?
Would you feel a whole lot safer if you had yourself a gun? Does it make you feel helpless when do not have one? Do you feel yourself in danger when you see a certain stranger? Or am I wrong? Is it me who
should be worried when you have the gun? Though you might have a license can you really judge someone? Are you confident your wise to decide who lives or dies? Or am I wrong? Am I wrong?
Have you confronted all your demons in the places where they hide? Do you know how to tell the difference between a truth or lie? Are you struggling to decide how to bridge the great divide? Or am I’m wrong? You might have a decent heart and be searching for the answers. But it’s all so damn hard to find the cure for this cancer. Are you sitting in the dark hoping someone will light a spark? Or am I’m wrong? Am I’m wrong?