1. Jenny

From the recording The Road Less Taken

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Written December 2, 1981 ©
To my wonderful wife and partner since 1980, Mary Beth, I could not imagine my life without you. P.S. This is one of my mother’s favorite songs that I’ve written.


Last night you called me, you said you’re confused. You feel that you need me to help get you by. But it’s all so unravelin’ and you need some time to think on your troubles pull yourself in line. But I’ll be there waiting whenever you need a friend to help you through troubled times. I love you I do, guess I always will. Oh, Jennifer you’re the world to me. Jenny, you’re the world to me.
You say you’re looking for an answer somewhere. It’s in your own ocean with time all so rare. And you need a pathway, a mountain to climb to dance to the rhythm of your own design. I understand how you feel, a ship without a keel, no direction in particular at this time. But I love you I do, guess I always will. Oh, Jennifer you’re the world to me. Jenny, you’re the world to me.
Good times and bad ones come every day, it’s all very frightening to find the right way. And who should you believe in when it’s time to decide or maybe the answer lies deeper inside? It’s all so complex and easier to hide from the problems that tend to collide. But I love you I do and I know you’ll decide to fight for the dreams upon which you rely. Dreams that can never be denied.
And if by chance the mountain’s too high. The pathway you’ve followed is barren and dry. You need a friend to talk to as you grow old, a pal or a lover or someone to hold. I’ll love you I will, and I’ll take your side, Jennifer if you need a place to hide. Jenny I’m here at your side.
Growing’s not easy life can be hard. You want to please everyone and make no mistakes. But I know I love you and I think you’re special. Your beauty is endless there in my eyes. And you’ll find a way that’s right for yourself and reach your star high in the sky. And I love I do, you’re a part of me know. Jennifer we’re gonna make it somehow. Jenny we’re gonna make it somehow.
Last night you called me…