From the recording The Road Less Taken

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Written June 1, 2014 ©
Life is filled with so many people that want to tell you how to live yours. Don’t let them!


Drivin' down the road I get lost in my soul. With the top down and my hair flowin' free.
The worries of the day slippin' out of my head. And I think that I must be getting younger.
Every little thing that doesn't go my way seems to make me think about some deeper questions. Losing my perspective in a land of make believe is a recipe for absolute disaster.
(Chorus) And I'm on my way (on my way). I'm going home (going home). Cause I gotta get back (get on back) to where I'm from (where I’m from) Don't need nobody to try to tell me that I've been missing the best part of me. You gotta set it free (free-free / free-free).
Thinkin' back in time to the simple things in life makes you wonder how it ever got this way. Maybe it's a test of your strength or resolve or maybe it's a mirror with no image? -Chorus-
Maybe I've been lookin' for some false sense of self hoping someone else will validate me.
But I don't think I'll find solace or contentment looking through a pair of someone else's glasses. -Chorus-
Yeah, set it free – Oh, set it free; Yeah, set it free- You got to set it free-free-free, yeah set it free-free-free; Oh, set it free-free-free; Woe, set it free-free-free.