1. Evolution

From the recording The Road Less Taken

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Written December 16, 2015 ©
Sometimes, you just get a funny idea in your head and have to go with it. Done with all due respect to Charles Darwin.


Natural selection sounds like the latest product from whole foods. Who would have thunk it was such a force but scientists and fools? With a great big bang and a couple of years, we crawled outta the ocean. Kind of makes you think who in the hell started all the commotion.
(Chorus) We’re on a crazy path makes all the aliens laugh. Evolution. Evolution.
Just a simple ideal, common sense, survival of the fittest. Sounds like a TV show with a cast of lunatics and misfits. Charlie Darwin must have been smoking some really good shit. When he hypothesized what he did, he surely must have been blitzed. -Chorus-
Yes, I wonder if we have evolved, or we’re stuck in circular motion? Randomly bouncing between progress and existential near implosions. Its’ the age-old question philosophers cannot seem to answer. Just like why some men think comb overs makes them look really handsome. -Chorus-
Yes, this theory says we’re on a merry-go-round of constant evolution. What if we find the sweet spot but cannot stop? Are we matter always in motion? Its’ a scientific fact that explains the past but who knows where we’re going? Blame Charlie for the mess cause the answer is a guess and its’ in the wind that’s blowing. -Chorus Twice-