From the recording The Road Less Taken

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Written August 20, 1998 ©
My childhood is filled with many memories of watching my parents try to make a better world. They lived through the period described in this song and were harassed by those who sought to limit our democracy. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed on June 19, 1953, for espionage. They were pawns in a larger game to silence opposition in the United States. It was the McCarthy Era and those who did not pledge loyalty to the Government of the United States were punished. Some lost their jobs and some their lives. Seventy years later we still fight the same battles. Sometimes we must choose to struggle against injustice.


Two ordinary people living ordinary lives. I think the papers called them “The Atom spies”. I don’t understand perhaps I never will. Can we learn to solve our problems without someone being killed?
Julie ran a business and Ethel raised their sons. In Knickerbocker village with a home like everyone. Michael was just seven and Robby was only three. When the FBI came calling and took away their dreams.
(Chorus) We are your sons. We are your sons. We will remember after you have gone.
We are your sons. We are your sons. They cannot take you from us. Your memory shall live on.
In June of 1953 they refused to compromise. The judges hid from their appeals. How could they be so blind? They were victims of the hysteria that paralyzed our land. Who will remember this woman and this man? -Chorus-
In the shadows of the death house with their time all nearly spent. Julius and Ethel wrote, “We were always innocent”. They stood by their conscience and their humanity. Who will stand for justice when they come for you or me? -Chorus-