1. The Road

From the recording The Road Less Taken

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Written September 12, 2021 ©
Living through the COVID Pandemic brought many questions. As I was riding through Upper Michigan on some of the most beautiful roads, I started thinking more about life and deeper questions. The lead guitar by Brad Myers is really beautiful on this soul-searching song.


Going down the winding highway with the world rushing by. So unsure about the way you’re going. As the leaves turn the trees, and the sails carry the breeze. While the double-yellow line just keeps on going.
(Chorus) May your road be your guide, wherever you are bound. Gotta keep your wheels firmly on the ground. On your horizon lies, a future in your eyes. But it’s all right to choose the road less taken.
Some see sun-soaked clouds, hear the silence come aloud. Feel the heartbeat’s syncopated rhythms. Passing through all the towns, watching the painted merry-go-rounds. As the carnival clouds all your decisions. -Chorus-
‘Long the way dancing crowds adorned in rainbow-colored shrouds. Makes it hard to simply keep on cruising. As the false protestors chant, while the lovers share romance. All the chaos can so be confusing.
As the world keeps turning round, all the sights and all the sounds. Philosophers weary from their ponderin’. All the beauty and the wonder, the lightening and the thunder. As the endless road keeps us all a wanderin’. -Chorus-