From the recording The Road Less Taken

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Written October 28, 2004 ©
Life has many twists and turns. Hopefully, we all can enjoy love as we grow older. It’s different and more complete in so many ways.


When we were young, we could dance all night. Bursting with passion so full of life. Footloose and carefree. So very green. Have we the strength to build our dreams? I fell in love with a beautiful girl. Splendid emotions she changed my world. Something new each and every day. Will that wonder ever fade away?
(Chorus) Tell me you’ll love me when I’m old and gray. Tell me you’ll love me like you did that first day. Tell me you’ll love me when the passion fades. Tell me you’ll love me when I’m old and gray.
I see the future through younger eyes. They grow so quickly, so little time. Many questions; new found beliefs. Have we given them all that they need? We find ourselves living day by day. In the grind of life some lose their way. But through it all you’re there for me. Have I given you what you gave to me? -Chorus-
My grand ideals still burn within. Slightly tarnished, like a shoe worn thin. But somewhere inside those dreams still live. Have I given life all that I could give? -Chorus-