From the recording The Warmth of a Thousand Suns

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Mom and Dad don’t let me carry a gun
Written September 1980
I wrote this song shortly after having to register for the selective service. Life is a pretty scary place when you’re young. It takes time to find your place in the sun. Even though you have your fears you got to have hope and dreams, otherwise life is just not worth living.


Sunset on my childhood can’t slow the circles down.
The light that once was there just can’t be found.
I can see those times for a moment through the tangles of my mind.
My memories, lessons I can find.
Parents there to guide me they remember what I’ve learned.
Always there to help and advise me, friendly, kind but firm.
And though those days are all but gone now still have that childish grin.
The spark to send my dreams soaring into the wind, forever.
Just like a seed that gently blows into the wind
And tumbles down to sprout and grow again Taught when I was young I am the future Mom and Dad, don’t let me carry a gun
I know where I am going I remember where I have been.
For some it ain’t so simple their chances blown by the wind.
Words can be so deadly, actions speak louder still.
Guns aren’t always fired when someone is being killed.
You work till your old and forgotten, some don’t get the chance.
Sometimes you find your life is molded by circumstance.
Can’t get the job you wanted, can’t afford to pay for school.
Can’t afford to pay the doctor. Is this my human rights, buddy I’m no fool?
Sunrise in the morning still got plenty of hope.
People don’t let this go on, we’ve got to build a new road.
Well it may not happen tomorrow, it should have come yesterday.
But we won’t give up tryin’ till you’ve seen the way to justice.