From the recording The Warmth of a Thousand Suns

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Sands of the sun
Written November 22, 1983
When I was 11 years old, my brother got his number, and we thought he’d be drafted into the Vietnam War. The draft ended, but I remember that feeling of fear in my gut. Seems like the wrong people make decisions that send others off to die or kill. Maybe we can change that someday?


Soon come the day I go marching. Carry the beat of the drum.
Leaving my home for another land. Pushed off the boat onto the sands.
Sands of Grenada, sands of Grenada.
Full with command we question no one. Our job is clear it’s in demand.
Keep foreign shores quiet and friendly. Taking orders from a businessman.
On the Sands of Lebanon. On the Sands of Lebanon.
Just turned eighteen and out of high school. Don’t know why I’m carrying a gun.
Shoot down the children of someone else. Just defending their tiny piece of sun. Sands of another land. Sands of another land.
I will not go where you will send me. I will not kill for your gold. Take back your lies to trade on Wall Street.
Soon will be knocking on the doors
Of your boardrooms.
When will you reach to press the button? Close to defeat you’ll try in vain.
To save yourself from the ash heap. You can try but we’ve got you on the run.
Soon come the day I will fight you. That day I’ll gladly carry a gun.
Free up this world from greed and poverty. Let all our children smile in the sun.
Sands of the future. Sands of the future.
Sands of a new day…Sands of democracy…Sands of liberty…Sands of Equality…Sands of the sun