1. Blood Of Gold

From the recording The Warmth of a Thousand Suns

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Blood of Gold
Written March 1, 1993
In 1951, Langston Hughes wrote a famous poem, A Dream Deferred. We have much healing to do in our Country to solve problems like racism and gun violence.


A shot rang out into the still of the night.
And the boy, he fell into the pale moonlight. Another dream deferred, another wasted life. As the streets ran red with the blood of gold.
And the evening news told a nameless tale. Just chalk outline where a young boy fell. Add another number to the list of shame. And the streets ran red with the blood of gold.
As the world grows cold from a measured distance.
The young trade schools for tortured prisons. Will more police or your tougher laws clean the streets that are paved with the blood of gold?
So, let the vigils pray for God to triumph. And the mother’s weep in forgotten silence. Is there no end to the senseless violence? When the streets run red with the blood of gold.
Another shot rings out, another tear must fall.
A generation lost at the jackal’s call.
What will it take to break your silence? When our streets are paved with the blood of gold.