1. Manly Lingerie

From the recording The Warmth of a Thousand Suns

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Manly Lingerie
Written February 17, 2001
Our World tends to look far too much at the surface of human beings. The idea for this song came while watching a movie with my wife when the actress was vacuuming in nothing but her underwear.


Ever since I was a boy I’ve understood the gender deal.
Men must be strong. Women have appeal. You learn to live by the rules of the game. No one expects anything to change.
So, imagine my surprise when the tables turned on me.
And Victoria’s Secret launched a line for the male physique.
Manly lingerie for when he’s working on the car.
Manly lingerie for when he’s working in the yard.
Manly lingerie for when he’s watching a football game.
Manly lingerie will drive every gal insane.
Suddenly I felt my manhood being used. Another piece of meat exploited and abused. Demeaning Ads on billboards, TV and maga-zines.
Did they forget the person inside these skimpy jeans?
How can any intelligent man accept their crazy spin?
Tell you that they respect you and then they say, “Show us a little skin.”
Now women visually undress me each and every day.
They’re thinking, “What’s he look like in that manly negligee?”
They pinch me on the ass. Stare at my chest. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want sex.
They tell me this something that I should learn to enjoy.
But how do I earn respect when they treat me like a sex toy?
I think I understand how women must feel. Crazy expectations, pressures that are unreal. Now, none of us were made to be a perfect
And Victoria’s Secret doesn’t have a line for men.
But imagine if we treat each other like we really should?
Better watch out boys, there’s always Fred-rick’s of Hollywood.