From the recording The Warmth of a Thousand Suns

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Sometimes I Close My Eyes
Written February 8, 2019
Sometimes I worry. But I always have hope that we’ll find a better way. I know that we need to listen to each other more.


Sometimes I close my eyes hope that I can-
not see.
What is happening now is so hard to believe. All of the sorrow and pain, loss of innocent life.
Living each day amidst the struggle and strife.
When will it ever end? When will we make it right?
When will we lift the darkness and reveal the light?
You can follow some demagogue or open your eyes and see.
Do you really believe that fear will set you free?
If we only have like-minded friends with a single point of view.
How can we ever expect to change our attitudes?
It’s more than just some game, we are gam-bling with our lives.
If we cannot listen, how can we compromise?Change won’t come easily it shatters the fragile peace.
Sometimes you (have to) fight for what you deeply believe.
Yet, I cannot give up hope if there’s any possibility.
Cause without our dreams, life is so empty. Someday we’ll build a bridge made from every kind of hand.
It’s the only way to make it to the Promised Land.
When will it ever end? When will we find our way?
I know we got to try but I hope it’s not too late.
Ooh…. Sometimes I close my eyes…